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Amarnath Yatra Tour


The Amarnath Temple, one of the holy Hindu shrines is a cave temple located at an altitude of 12756 ft. It is dedicated to God Shiva and is believed to be over 5000 years old as per Hindu mythology. Located in Jammu and Kashmir it is about 141 kms from Srinagar which is the capital city of the state.

As the legend states the Amarnath cave was the place where Hindu god Shiva had elucidated the secret of life and eternity to hid divine companion goddess Parvati. The cave has a “Shiva Linga” (Ice Stalagmite), the unique thing about it is that it changes its size with the season. It is said that it grows and shrinks as the moon waxes and wanes. On the full moon day the lingam reaches to a height of 6 ft, Shiva is considered to be a living god and holds the most scared place in Hindu mythology.

This popular pilgrim is visited by not less than 4 lakh people every year; they come during the festival of Shravani Mela which is held during the months July – August. The journey of Amarnath takes about four – five days, there are two routes to reach there it is 42 kms from the town of Pahalgam and about 96 kms from Srinagar. One can choose from either depending on choice. Since it is quite a long journey people use horse back to make it to the temple. Now days the most convenient and easy way to reach Amarnath Temple is by a chopper.